Interview with Designer & Stylist-Stephanie MacNeil

Stephanie MacNeil has been a stylist, and designer in the Toronto fashion industry and is currently owns her own online vintage brand called Liberty Crossroads. She is keen on promoting #selflove in the industry that often body shames. She sat down with us to talk about trends and tips for the big day.


What would you say are some of the best trends out there this year for brides?

There are so many trends out there for brides, and while it’s great to have options, sometimes too many options can be overwhelming. Ultimately, the bride normally knows herself. She will normally know when she likes or dislikes an outfit, depending on her taste and her shape. But often when selecting a wedding dress, she’ll get overwhelmed because she’ll want a dress that stands out, that’s indicative of the latest fashion and that shapes them a certain way. These are memories they’ll have forever! But I think it’s always best to remind them that they’ll feel the best about their dress choice if they treat it like anything else in their closet, does it make them feel comfortable, and good about themselves.


Do you think that the trends differ depending on body shape?

Yes, I actually do. I think that finding the right match with your body shape will make the dress stand out more than if you choose a trendy dress that other people suggest to you. You want to wear the dress, you don’t want the dress to wear you!


What are some of the different shapes you can suggest for different body types?

From styling experience, I would say that most curvy girls will feel best when they emphasize their curves. Lower necklines look fabulous, as well as cinched waistlines. Also, I love a short dress to show off your legs if you’re proud of them. For busty ladies, again you don’t want to hide it too much. You may not want to be popping out of your dress, but if you cover up your cleavage too much you could look a bit matronly. If you have big beautiful hips, you should accentuate them with a synched waist. You can also wear a mermaid style skirt that cinches in at the thighs and knees. If you want to cover your arms, there are some beautiful 50s styles back right now with off-the-shoulder sleeves that empathize your collarbone, neck and bust line. If you want to add fullness to an area of your body you can add beautiful textures like lace or gathers. And if you want to slim certain parts of your body you can use thin, sleek materials like silk.


I love modern styles as much as I love classic styles. It all depends on preference and comfort for the bride. If you know your own body you will know what parts of it you like the best. Try to accentuate those favourite parts so that on the big day you are comfortable. There should only be one thing to worry about on your wedding day- try not to trip.




Would you suggest working with a stylist?

Yes, I think a stylist will offer styles that you may not have considered, however, working with a stylist can be pretty intimidating. Just make sure you are honest with the stylist and yourself. Stylists want to push your limits so that you end up in the perfect dress. Your happiness is their job, not selling. The wedding industry relies heavily on word-of-mouth marketing and if you didn’t have a good experience with a particular stylist, it could be the detrimental to their career. Be open to suggestions but also, know yourself and follow your heart.


What tips would you like to leave our brides with?

Overall your confidence will make you feel your best. When you feel great it will radiate out of you. Try not to stress over too many of the details. You are marrying the partner of your dreams, what a beautiful way to start a new life together.

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